Our company proudly offers the Reel Mower Roller Bar.  A revolutionary reel mower enhancement for Tru Cut, McLane, and Trimmer Reel Mower.  

Our patented reel roller design installs in minutes using your existing hardware and fits securely in the same holes as your caster wheels.  You even maintain your ability to adjust your cut height with the Reel Mower Roller Bar.

Benefits of our Reel Mower Roller Bar Kit:
1. Eliminate scalping when front casters fall into low spots 
2. Mow along edge of flower beds/sidewalks without scalping grass
3  Roller bar gives your lawn that professional stripe finish
4. Additional weight of roller bar eliminates bouncing on uneven lawns

Reel Mower Roller Bar Kits are available for Tru Cut Reel Mower, McLane Reel Mower, John Deere Reel Mower, Craftsman Reel Mower, and Trimmer Reel Mower.
Tru Cut TruCut Tru-Cut Reel Mower Reel Mower Reel Mower McLane McLane McLane Trimmer Trimmer Trimmer Roller Roller Roller Stripe Stripe Stripe Zoysia Zoysia Zoysia Bermunda Bermuda Bermuda Striping Striping Striping Attachment Attachment Attachment

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